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Poster for Clayton Smith: Guns for Jesus

Clayton Smith: Guns for Jesus

Coming on June 8

Run Time: 90 min.

Stand up comedian, Clayton Smith, grew up in a small town that loves God and guns. A town that is most famous for being home to an infamous Wild West prison. He left his hometown as soon as he could, moved to New York City, met the scariest people, fell in love, and went through heartbreak. As it turns out, his quirky small town prepared him for all those experiences.

Guns for Jesus is a heartfelt and raunchy show that asks the important questions: What is the secret to a long marriage? How do you become famous overnight? What kind of gun would Jesus have?

This show will be debuting at the 2024 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Igor Martinez will be your host/opener for the evening.  

Tickets available at:

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