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Poster for The Scoop Mischief Night

The Scoop Mischief Night

Opens on October 30

Run Time: 120 min.

Get ready for The Scoop – a live event where you’ll witness comedy performances by the hottest local talent! Join us at The ShowRoom Cinema for an exciting event happening at Asbury Park, Cookman Avenue, Asbury Park, NJ, USA. Get ready for a fun-filled night of entertainment, laughter, and good vibes. We’ve got an amazing lineup of performances  hosted by Joe Castore and Mike Attianese accompanied by a band called The Three Amici led by drummer Vincent Kucinsky. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to have a blast in Asbury Park. Mark your calendars and get ready to be blown away at The Scoop! This show is sponsored by Amici Gelato Caffe, Wacky Tobaccy Company, and Dj’s Delights Deli and Catering.

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